We design custom injury prevention and sports performance programs to simultaneously elevate the physical preparedness of athletes to meet and exceed the demands of their sports, while improving key performance markers such as speed and explosiveness.

Our programs are used for ACL Return To Sport, Hamstring Strain Return To Sport as well as Injury Prevention! While the risk of any injury cannot be fully eliminated, our programs help reduce player’s risk of ACL rupture and hamstring strains, while simultaneously enhancing their athletic performance. After all, it’s better to stop injuries from happening in the first place, than to repair or rehab the damage after it’s happened.

About The Program

We use an exceptionally progressive and integrated sprint-based approach to return to play and injury prevention, which works incredibly well with athletes that need to work on strength, jumping power, change of direction abilities and coordination in a proven manner.

As illustrated by the size of the arrows, linear sprinting provides greater benefits to other training elements than it receives back from these training types. This sprint-based approach can preserve and even improve fitness and strength related qualities throughout a return—to-play process without any concern for detraining or loss of abilities. This helps us to simplify the process and improve sprint mechanics and capacity on a daily basis, resulting in a much more robust return in a more timely fashion.

Our Services

  • Custom Return To Sport and Injury Prevention for Teams and Individuals
  • Workshop/Consultations with Performance Staff or Teams

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