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About Us:

Empowered Performance PT is a 1-on-1 physical therapy practice helping to bridge the gap between rehab and performance. We make incredibly complex biomechanics incredibly easy to help create profound improvements in our patients movement, pain and performance. If you’re interested in becoming the best PT you can be, working directly 1 on 1 with patients in a fun and exciting environment, we’d love for you to become part of our team!

This is the ultimate hybrid for someone who wants the time and financial benefits of working for themselves, without taking on any of the risk!

Our mission is to continue growing our presence as the most proficient and efficient orthopedic physical therapy practice. In order to do that, you will begin a online/in-person training program on all things biomechanics, rehab and performance. Mentorship will continually be provided through out! After completing the training, you will start seeing patients during a trial period of up to 30 days (time is dependent on progress) where you will be paid at 50% commission. After your trial period is accomplished you’ll become full-time! Once full time, we want to invest in your success while providing more financial stability than a commission-only structure. Which is why we’ll be offering a base salary and tiered commission, structured as follows:

-$4000.00 monthly base pay + 10% commission starting at $10k in monthly gross revenue

-$4000.00 monthly base pay + 15% commission starting at $12k in monthly gross revenue

-$4000.00 monthly base pay + 20% commission starting at $14k in monthly gross revenue

-$4000.00 monthly base pay + 25% commission starting at $16k+ in monthly gross revenue

Every quarter we’ll be redistributing 5% of gross profits for the company to all employees!

– Prior work experience required

– Dry Needling certifications are preferred but not recommended

– State of Texas license is required

Above everything else, we are looking for someone who is eager to learn, motivated, and personable to join our team.

Please email us at with a copy of your resume!

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